Castelbianco is a village, not very far from Savona, at a distance of about 10 km from Albenga (from Savona: motorway A10 towards Ventimiglia, exit Albenga).
E’ a 300 m sul livello del mare e conta poco più di 300 abitanti.
It is situated at a 300 mt height above sea level and a little more than 300 people live there.
The village is composed of 4 hamlets: Colletta, Vessallo, Veravo and Oresine, which are very little, but particularly fascinating, located on a circular road.
Some documents have been found, which date back to 1202 and certify that the town of Castelbianco was property of the Marquis Clavesana. After a 2 centuries and half long contention between the Clavesanas and another important family, the Del Carrettos, in 1550 Castelbianco aroused both the Republic of Genoa’s and Savoias’ interest, until 1861, when the town became part of the Kingdom of Italy.
In that period, Castelbianco reached the peak of its population increase. Colletta was the most populated hamlet, but in 1887 it has been devastated by a violent earthquake and after that a lot of people decided to leave Colletta to move elsewhere.
But in 1980 the restoration of Colletta began, thanks to a group of entrepreneurs who finally saw the beauty and the potential of the hamlet. In a short time Colletta met a new glory. The result is a little medieval village, made of grey stones and narrow streets, but provided with all modern technologies that people may need.
It is the first “Borgo Telematico” (literally: telematic village) in Italy and the whole town of Castelbianco is reborn.
It is a delightful village, deep in the greenness of the woods, surrounded by impressive cliffs, but just a few minutes far from the sea.
  Municipality of Castelbianco
  Comunità Montana Ponente Savonese
Distances from Castelbianco
Albenga18 km
Genoa103 km
Milan224 km
Rome624 km
Nice (F)121 km
  Colletta Relais
   by Borgo Telematico
  "Sleeping on the stones is   uncomfortable that’s untrue!"
  Da Gin
  "The traditional rest stop"
  "Mushrooms and truffles"
  La Casa dei Nonni
  "A perfect day starts from
  a perfect breakfast"
  A Cà du Ricci
  "The authenticity of the land"
  "Holiday after holiday
  just like cherries"