Our “Consorzio Gestione Ospitalità Diffusa di Castelbianco” is the result of the ideas and the initiative of the Colletta di Castelbianco group, together with the mayor Marino Fenocchio and the proprietors of some hotels, restaurants and Bed&Breakfast in Castelbianco, such as “Colletta Relais by Borgo Telematico”, Hotel-Restaurant “Da Gin”, Hotel-Restaurant “Scola”, B&B “Rosso Ciliegia”, B&B “Manuela Ricci”, agrotourism “La Casa dei Nonni”.
The general idea of this union, which was born in March 2010, is to find a way to make tourist and cultural promotion of these places better organised and coordinated.
The main purpose of the Consorzio is to give our guests a wide choice of possibilities to turn their holidays into a unique experience, thanks to the high-quality standard of the hotels, restaurants and B&B we suggest.
Let the beauty of the nature surround you, leave out all the acoustic and atmospheric pollution of the city and if you like, you can always keep in touch with the rest of the world thanks to the modern technologies that you will find in our famous “borgo Telematico”, which is the first example of a medieval and at the same time completely cabled village in Italy.
Colletta di Castelbianco Da Gin - Hotel Restaurant Scola - Hotel Restaurant
La Casa dei Nonni - farmhouse A Ca du Ricci - Bed&Breakfast Agriturismo Rossociliegia - Bed&Breakfast
  Colletta Relais
   by Borgo Telematico
  "Sleeping on the stones is   uncomfortable that’s untrue!"
  Da Gin
  "The traditional rest stop"
  "Mushrooms and truffles"
  La Casa dei Nonni
  "A perfect day starts from
  a perfect breakfast"
  A Cà du Ricci
  "The authenticity of the land"
  "Holiday after holiday
  just like cherries"