A holiday in Castelbianco is made of relax and sport in the open air. Let the beauty of the nature and the silence surround you and have fun exploring the paths, perfect for those who love trekking and for mountain bike riders.
It’s easy to find them, and we are sure it will be an exciting experience, even for children and for those who are not experienced excursionists or riders.
You will find signboards on the road, that will guide you through 7 routes, from the easiest to the hardest, all around the four hamlets. In the woods, under those shady trees, you will surely find the calm and the peace of mind that you were looking for and when you will return home, you will be completely reborn and satisfied.
Experienced excursionists can prove their ability reaching the “Alta Via dei Monti Liguri” or the top of the mount Alpe (1056 mt), where you can go by bike too, departing from Veravo.
If you want to challenge the rocks, the environs of Castelbianco give you the chance to go climbing. There are various climbs which are know at international level. Our cliff present various climbs at different heights, so it will be easy to find a low one, that is good for who is not a great climber or for who wants to try this exciting sport. For example, you can have a first taste of what this means by climbing the “Falesia Telematica” in Colletta, which is not too hard. And at the starting point of every climb you will find their names, it will be easy to find them. So you have just to get ready, prepare you equipment, and your adventure on the cliff of Castelbianco can start!
And if you are looking for silence, you can try to find it in the karst caves around here. Between the river Neva and the Pennavaira, karstic rocks have developed through the centuries. You can see the result of the development looking at the big calcareous cliffs and the caves, which are perfect for summer excursions.
Once you have visited these grottos, we suggest a tour at the “Grotte di Toirano”(motorway A10 towards Genoa, exit Borghetto Santo Spirito, then follow the road signs for Toirano, which is 3 km far).
Not far from Castelbianco (23 km) you will find the “Golf Club Garlenda”, the ideal place to have a relaxing and absorbing game. And if you want to feel the thrill of the water sports or if you want to have a swim, the beaches of Albenga and Alassio are just a few minutes far from Castelbianco.
The paths
The climbing routes ( External website www.planetmountain.com )
  Colletta Relais
   by Borgo Telematico
  "Sleeping on the stones is   uncomfortable that’s untrue!"
  Da Gin
  "The traditional rest stop"
  "Mushrooms and truffles"
  La Casa dei Nonni
  "A perfect day starts from
  a perfect breakfast"
  A Cŕ du Ricci
  "Holiday after holiday
  just like cherries"